Preliminary NS2 Loudspeaker Design by Gong Audio

Introducing the new design for Gong Audio’s NS-2 Rounded Cabinet design with optional passive or active speaker configuration. …And soon to come: ACTIVE READY SPEAKERS; a pair of passive bookshelf speakers that can be quickly modified to active configuration with a plug-in cartridge that includes an on board bi-amp and active crossover. The cartridge has integrated wiring that works in the style of an oversize circuit board.

NS2 Prototype Aug 2013NS-2 Prototype     by Gong Audio


Building a Speaker … Still

It is difficult to find loudspeaker parts with small size, good bass, clear highs, affordable price,   – all without making an unaffordable speaker. Objective: find all external pieces and shoot for under $300 USD… for the pair (;|Image