Amphony Amplifiers – Mini Class T – Digital Amplifiers


Amphony Amplifiers - Mini Class T - Digital Amplifiers

75 Watts per channel – Stereo and Mono Switchable Mode, i snatched 4 of the last 6 on Amazon. They sound great.
Soon they will be part of the RND-1 testing and prototyping for an on-board removable and pluggable amplifier cartridge.


RND-1 Fabrication continued.


NS2 Fabrication continued.

These photographs show the bending rig for four 1/4″ plies of MDF – without steam or “kerfing” – kerfs.
I do not recommend this set up – even after leaving the plies in clamps overnight, the thin plies just returned halfway to their original shape, leaving an unusable piece of material.

Preliminary NS2 Loudspeaker Design by Gong Audio

Introducing the new design for Gong Audio’s NS-2 Rounded Cabinet design with optional passive or active speaker configuration. …And soon to come: ACTIVE READY SPEAKERS; a pair of passive bookshelf speakers that can be quickly modified to active configuration with a plug-in cartridge that includes an on board bi-amp and active crossover. The cartridge has integrated wiring that works in the style of an oversize circuit board.

NS2 Prototype Aug 2013NS-2 Prototype     by Gong Audio